Osprey Xena 70 Backpack for adventurous women

Osprey Xena 70 Review – Honest Review After 4 Years of Experience!


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If you spend any amount of time hiking or camping, then you know how crucial it is to have a good backpack. Not only do you need something that can easily fit all your things, but you want it to be ultra-comfortable too. After all, there’s nothing worse than lugging 50 pounds up the mountain in a backpack that doesn’t fit or sit correctly (hello, neck pain and muscle aches!)

When it comes to comfortable, long-lasting backpacks for traveling, you can’t go wrong with the Osprey Xena 70. This backpack was made especially for women and is one of the most form-fitting, space-saving, and well-organized packs we have ever used.

In fact, we love this backpack so much that we wanted to write an Osprey Xena 70 review so that you too can figure out if it’s the right backpack for your upcoming trip! 

Why Trust Our Osprey Xena 70 Review

When we first started our trip around the world in 2017, we knew we needed a durable backpack that we could take with us wherever we went. We were already huge fans of Osprey products, especially after traveling with the Ariel 55 backpack and the Daylite. So when we discovered that they made the larger Xena 70 model, we knew we had to get our hands on it.

From our very first hike with the Osprey Xena 70 – we were hooked! It had tons of space for all our clothes, tools, snacks, and practically everything else we could ever need. Not to mention, it was extremely comfortable to wear, which is a necessity when you’re on the road for weeks or even months at a time.

Features of the Osprey Xena 70

Removable DayLid Daypack

Although the Osprey Xena 70 is large enough for long-term travel and adventurous hikes, it also has the added benefit of being able to convert to a daypack. That’s because the lid of the pack can be removed and transformed into a small bag that you can use for outings or side trips.

Adjustable and Moldable Hipbelt and Harness

Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a backpacking backpack for women. Whether you’re carrying a heavy pack or trekking for multiple days at a time, it’s crucial to find a backpack that’s not just supportive but also comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

One of the most innovative features of the Osprey Xena 70 is the moldable hip belt and harness. Constructed using Osprey’s BioFrom technology and NeoSpacer fabric, this backpack can mold to your body, providing a customized and comfortable fit.

Both the hip belt and harness are fully interchangeable as well, so you can find a comfortable weight distribution no matter how tall or short you may be. A backpack this spacious can look a bit intimidating at first, but having the ability to adjust and mold it to your body is a huge benefit that makes the Osprey Xena 70 extremely comfortable.

External Hydration Access

Behind the back panel, you’ll find a little sleeve that can fit a hydration bag or flask. If you’re feeling thirsty, the external hydration sleeve makes it easy to have a quick drink on the go. Even when the backpack is fully packed, it still can accommodate up to a 3L reservoir bag.

Multiple Pockets

With the Osprey Xena 70, you can keep all your loose items, electronics, and outdoor equipment organized while hiking. There are a staggering number of pockets on this backpack (9 to be exact!)  which is relatively more than other backpacks of this size and price.

There are two zippered pockets on the hip belt and two zippered pockets on the backpack lid, both of which can be used to store cellphones, hair ties, and other small items. The Xena 70 also has a stretchy front pocket and two elastic side pockets for easily accessible items, and two more zippered pockets on the front for jackets, cameras, snacks, etc.

Trekking Pole Attachment

Carrying walking sticks or trekking poles with you on your journey? Well, Osprey has designed their backpacks to help with that too. Their Stow-on-the-Go attachment keeps your poles in place when they aren’t needed, which we believe long-distance hikers and trekkers will find extremely useful.

Four Access Points

With a backpack of this size, it’s important that you are able to access any of your items at any time. Thankfully, having four access points makes getting your stuff relatively easy! Besides the main top opening, the Osprey Xena 70 also has a large compartment on the bottom and two zippered access points from each side of the backpack.

Other cool features of the Xena 70 include:

  • Dual side compression straps
  • Twin ice axe loops
  • Removable sleeping pad straps
  • Wide-mount sleeping bag compartment
  • Emergency whistle
  • Mesh-covered foam back panel for ventilation

Disadvantages of the Osprey Xena 70

Although the Osprey Xena 70 is our go-to backpack for traveling, there are some disadvantages we believe are worth mentioning in this Osprey Xena 70 review.

  • For a women’s backpack, the Xena 70 is a bit heavier than some of its competitors. It clocks in at a little over 5 pounds, while some other backpacking backpacks can weigh as little as 4.5 pounds. It’s not a huge deal-breaker, especially considering all the nifty features that come with it.
  • The Xena 70 does not come with a fitted rain cover. This can be an issue if you’re hiking or traveling during a torrential downpour. Nevertheless, you can purchase a separate Osprey rain cover to be sure your bag stays dry in the pouring rain. 

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Osprey Xena 70 Specifications

The Xena 70 comes in three different sizes: XS, S, and M. When looking at the dimensions of the backpack, you’ll want to measure from the back of your neck to the top of your hip bone. This length will determine which size backpack fits the most comfortably. 

Osprey has a detailed chart about sizing here.

  • Weight:
    •  XS: 5.07lbs (2.3kg)
    • S: 5.15lbs (2.32kg)
    • M: 5.26lbs (2.38kg)
  • Dimensions:
    • XS: 29.13H X 14.96W X 15.75D IN
    • S: 31.1H X 14.96W X 15.75D IN
    • M: 3.07H X 14.96W X 15.75D IN
  • Capacity:
    • XS: 62L
    • S: 66L
    • M: 70L

How to Use the Lid as a Daypack

As we mentioned, one of the biggest features of the Xena 70 is the removable DayLid. This is essentially a small daypack that you can use to store your basic necessities for a day trip or to reach the summit.

Converting the lid into the daypack is super easy. All you have to do is remove the lid and pull out the straps that are stored in an invisible pocket underneath. These straps click together so you can wear it like a daypack.

This daypack pack is extremely versatile and includes dual zippered access to the main compartment, a hydration sleeve, small zipper front panel slash pocket, a tuck-away ice axe loop and an air-mesh harness with edges around the shoulders for maximum ventilation.

Note: In Europe, this backpack comes with a normal lid, but you have to possibility to purchase the Osprey Xena 70 Daylid separately.

Who is the Osprey Xena 70 for?

We’re huge fans of our Osprey Xena 70 hiking backpack and would recommend it to anyone who is planning on a multi-day trip. Depending on the size you get, it can hold anywhere from 62 to 70L, which is more than sufficient to store clothes, camping equipment, food, and any other gear you might want to bring.

We’ve used this backpack hiking, cycling, and camping, and it’s lived up to all our expectations on those rugged journeys. 

Our Review of the Osprey Xena 70

So, would we recommend the Osprey Xena 70?


The Osprey Xena 70 is a versatile choice for weekend getaways, weeklong adventures, and long-term travel. We’ve taken this backpack with us around the world over the last four years and can say from firsthand experience that it lives up to the high expectation.

It has survived the Australian heat, the Icelandic dirt, and even the cold of the Arctic circle. The Xena 70 hasn’t just been a backpack – it’s been a reliable travel companion that we will continue to count on for our outdoor adventures.

To sum it up, we love the Xena 70 because it’s comfortable, durable, and loaded with tons of  nifty features.

And above all else, the Xena 70 was designed especially for women. Carrying 40 pounds (or more!) up a mountain can be intimidating, but a backpack with adjustable straps, a moldable harness, and a body-forming hip belt makes supporting large loads a piece of cake.

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The Osprey Guarantee

Osprey is one of the most reputable brands in the outdoor equipment and gear industry, especially since they offer a lifetime guarantee on every single one of their products. From broken zippers to ripped pockets, Osprey will fix or replace their products regardless of the reason!

We can vouch for this lifetime guarantee. It might be a little embarrassing to admit, but we accidentally ripped the strap off our backpack not while hiking to the top of a mountain or cycling across the country – but at the airport! Our backpack for camping was on the airport trolley when the sternum strap got stuck between the wheel and snapped.

After contacting Osprey, they delivered the new strap to one of their service points around the world (although they can also send it to your house if you’re living in the US). No questions asked!

With a trusty guarantee like this one, your backpack will last a lifetime – quite literally!

For all the ins and outs of this backpack you can check out the owner’s manual from Osprey, where Osprey provide the right information on fitting your backpack, maintenance and explanation of all the features this versatile women’s backpack has.

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The Osprey Xena 70 is a gamechanger when it comes to durable backpacks for hiking, camping, or traveling. We are huge fans, and we hope that you love it too. Tell us, what types of things do you look for in a women’s backpack? Do you think the Osprey Xena 70 has what it takes? Let us know in the comments below! And for more tips and reviews on travel gear, you’ll know where to find us!

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